Saturday 6/11

For time:
25 Back Squat @ 155/105
5 Rounds of :
5 Handstand Push up
5 Muscle Up 25

Back Squat @ 155/105

Hey guys it’s Calvin again! Here to share some thoughts with you. I wanna talk a little about a different aspect of your fitness. This thing applies to every WOD you’ll do here in our gym. And it’s a component that can often go by the wayside if not kept in check. Mental toughness. 

Some of you might think that mental toughness only means aggressive or killer mentality. Not true. For the purpose of this blog we’re going to say that mental toughness is simply maintaining the appropriate mental state to help us achieve our goal. This could mean getting hyped up. It could mean staying calm. It could be aggressive or passive. Let’s look at some scenarios…

 #1 Lifting time! Let’s say you love endurance stuff. Long runs, swimming, 12 mins of burpees, whatever. But today you have 5 rep deadlift max weight. 

A) You have a poo poo caca attitude because you don’t want to do it and you just knoooooow you’re gonna fail it. Yeah probably. Because you need to be positive about goals. They won’t happen if you don’t believe.


B) You stay focused and get energized and commit to the lift., I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. Wouldn’t you know it? Your chances of success are greatly improved and just maybe you crushed a PR!

#2 You have had a pretty gnarly day. Traffic sucked, your team lost and you’re pretty sure you’re going to kill the next person that asks you “what’s wrong”. But you come to the gym anyway. Because you know that you need to get those 3 days in this week and time is running out.


A) You bring the day with you, moan through the warm up, slog through the WOD and while everybody else is kicking ass and taking names, you’re going through the motions and bumming yourself out. Not the workout you were looking for? I agree. You may have even made yourself feel worse by cheating yourself out of a great sweat.


B) You leave all that crap out there in the world and you enjoy every hard fought, sweat-tastic, pun filled, activity packed minute of your hour and you walk away feeling amazing because you got what you wanted out of your CF experience. You realize you got a ton of that negative energy out and replaced it with achievement.

You see where I’m going with this. The point is that poor thinking, bad attitudes, fighting, and negative self talk don’t do anybody, any good, anytime. And specifically in the gym they keep you from getting farther along in your fitness. It straight up holds you back. Don’t do that to yourself. There’s no fun in it either.

If you’re interested in looking at another perspective on this topic you can get out this article here:


Otherwise, I’ll see you guys in class!

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