Tuesday 5/10

3 Rounds for time:
400m run
21 Kb Swing @ 53/35
12 Pull Up

From Alex Coach/Fiance of Margaux Alvarez

“If I had the time Margaux has,
to work out all day………”

This is a common theme, I have read on the social media channels or have heard from people we have met along the way. It used to bother me, and I was defensive back in the day, in fact maybe this blog is still a defensive stance, but I understand the rationale from those people as time has passed and I have become more patient with it. 

“If I had the time Margaux has to work out all day,”

Chances are you wouldn’t work out all day, is what I want to say when I hear this, because there was a day when Margaux did not have all day to work out.

I’m asked often, what do you think Margaux’s biggest strength is? Typically people will label her as an endurance athlete and such, but I answer, “her mental fortitude.” I get a puzzled look when I say this, but it is by far her best attribute. She is not an endurance athlete or this amazing runner, people think she is, in fact she has yet to cross the 20 min 5k goal we set back 4 years ago, and she definitely is not a gymnast. She has some of the longer limbs in this sport and she has found a lot of difficulty with the strict movements. Weightlifting is not something she excels in, and strength does not just come knocking on her door.

Everything Margaux has accomplished has come at a high price. Work hard everyday then wake up and work harder than you did the day before. Simple formula to write down, but like most theories, life has a different plan.

In 2011, in a video booth in Carson Ca., after spending the weekend volunteering her time for the CrossFit Games, she was somehow convinced she would one day compete in the very same arena she helped set up. In this video booth, where hundreds were asked about the weekend, she professed her love of the game and expressed her desire to one day compete in the same arena the best females had just performed on. She walked out of that boothconvinced, despite her inability to snatch 95#, unable to perform a muscle up, and just learning how to string some double-unders.

In 2011 Margaux had a well paying job, with benefits, a career with opportunity. The 2011 version of Margaux had no idea in 2016 she would have an opportunity to be just one of few girls who have made the CrossFit Games 4 years in a row. The 2011 version of Margaux had no idea, she would one day be employed by HQ, the organization she fell in love with that year. The 2011 version had no idea she would one day represent Rogue as one of their athletes, the very same company she was tasked to help out as she volunteered during the 2011 CrossFit Games.

She had no way of knowing what was possible, because no one could have guessed how much this sport would grow. In 2011 when the events were over, and the awards were being announced I remember sitting in the Tennis Stadium with less spectators than 2015 Home Depot Personnel tasked to run the event. Imagine a year when the Soccer Stadium was off limits, when most of the stands were empty, where the track had bleachers, and a year where tickets were purchased the day of. None of us had any idea, how big this sport would get, but none of that mattered to us, who loved the sport for what it is.

When Margaux walked out of that booth in 2011, maybe the heat of the weekend made her delusional, and maybe she was intoxicated by the fervor of competition that she somehow believed it was possible. She could have very easily lost interest as fast as it took her to regain her vision after stepping out of a dark booth and into the bright sun, but she did not.

That weekend was her catalyst, and she was committed to seeing that goal through.

The 2011 version of Margaux did not have sponsors, a coach, and a whole lot of people that believed this goal was really possible for her. She did have the typical job however, that required her presence from 8 to 5, very easily allowing her to use the, “If only I had the time to train,” if she wanted!

How many people would quit everything, facing low odds of success, to pursue something they so passionately believe in?

If only I had the time.

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