Wednesday 5/11

“Nasty Girls”

3 Rounds for time:
50 Squat
7 Muscle Up
10 Hang Power Clean @ 135/95

One of this year’s Regional events feature strict muscle ups, and it’s making some people on the internets loose their minds. Calls of “too hard”, “you can’t expect women to do strict muscle ups”, “this is crazy” have been flying around. 

The video below comes from the original CrossFit gym from well before 2007. It should come as no surprise to people involved in CrossFit that strict muscle ups are something competitors should be able to do. We even teach a strict muscle up at the L1 seminars, a weekend dedicated to mastering the basics. 

As this year’s Regionals begin a few days from now, think about this video and all the influence it still packs today.

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