Friday 4/8

5 Rounds for time:
12 Deadlift @ 45/30
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push Jerk

Time to get some goats!!!

Hey guys it’s Calvin here. The open season has come and gone and with it all the wild guess work and and anxiety that comes with it. Many of us, including myself, found themselves once again crossing their fingers every week in the hopes that a certain movement or exercise would not appear in the WOD.

But What does that really say about us as athletes? 

If we are truly honest with ourselves it means we have work to do. Each of us has our jam, the move we can’t wait to see pop up so we can show our stuff. But we’ve also got that Kryptonite move. The one that weakens our game and holds us back. For me it’s the overhead squat. I love to do them but they just suck my will to live and I’m not as good at them compared to a lot of other squat based moves. The question is, what did I do last year to get better at them? Well, I did a good deal of Crossfit. That works right? Well, sure I got a little better. But what else? Honestly? Nothing. 

I could have been doing more squat therapy. I could have been working on my shoulders ability to externally rotate and hold weight in that position. I could, at no real extra effort or consequence, be doing dowel or empty bar OH Squats frequently throughout the week to reinforce that movement and strengthen the position. But I haven’t. So next time the overhead squat comes to town and it’s on the board, I’m not going to be as prepared to attack them. And really, I have no one to blame but myself. 

The Open showed all of us what we need to be working on and where the weak link in out chains are. In order for all of us to get better here’s what I propose:

1. If you see a movement pop up in the blog that you’re not great at, or that you don’t like, make yourself sign up for that day. Insist to yourself that you will face your demons and get after the workout regardless. Not just regardless but specifically because it’s there!

2. Be real with yourself. If you can’t do something crazy like a muscle up or handstand pushup or double under, it’s not the movements fault. Don’t make excuses as to why it’s not possible. Make it possible.

3. Put in some extra time. Need to get better at something? Cool. It doesn’t take 4 hours a day or double workouts to make it happen. Simply spend 10 or so mins before or after class on some drills helping you work towards your goal. If you’ve got time to chitchat, you can be practicing too.

4. Need any help about what to do? Remember that all of your coaches are available for 30 min or full hour coaching sessions to help steer you in the right direction or write the supplemental programming you need to take it to the next level. Whether it’s personal training, programming or nutrition the resources are available to you.

It’s all about mindset and determination. If you want it, go get it!

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