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Lately I’ve been talking to some folks about how they keep track of their workouts and they’ve asked me to make a blog post about it. 

I use an app called Evernote on my phone. The nice thing about it is that it’s web based so I can’t ever lose it. I can log on anywhere I have an internet connection (or on my phone) so it’s always with me. It’s also searchable by keyword so it’s MUCH easier to, for example, find the last time we worked heavy Back Squats by typing in “back squat” to the search field rather than thumbing through my notebook hoping to come across it.

Here’s what the app looks like:

The basic process looks like this. After the workout I take a picture of the WOD and then type in text of my score/notes and other info. For example Monday’s workout picture looks like this:

In the text about the workout the title I use is based on the date. It’s the last two digits of the year, then the month and then the day. So for 3/30 of 2016 it looks like 160330 for the title. Next to that I wrote my score. In this case that comes in two parts, the power snatch weight and then the score for the AMRAP. So for this workout the entire title reads as 160330 195/4+40m run.

I also create “tags” for the workout that help when searching for this type of information. The tags I’ve chosen are the movements in the workout, but you can use whatever you’d like depending on how you’d prefer to organize things. For this example the tags I used were power snatch, run, farmer carry and step up. So any time I want to look for a workout where we power snatch, all I have to do is type that word into the search field and up will pop every workout we power snatch.

There is a free version which is pretty great. You can also pony up for the paid version that affords you unlimited space and some other nice features. 

If you’re using the free version I suggest pairing your Evernote use with a companion app called FE Snap. What FE Snap allows you to do is downsize the resolution of the photo you upload so that you can store many many more workouts in that format. 

Here’s what FE Snap looks like:

When all is said and done I have a tagged/dated/searchable database containing all the workouts I do that’s accessible from anywhere that I can’t ever loose. 

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