Wednesday 4/27

3 Rounds for time:
400m Run
15 Squat Clean @ 135/95

Hey guys it’s Calvin here.

First off, just want to say how great it was to see such an awesome turnout for Nerd Night. The energy and enthusiasm was top notch and the food was killer. I happily enjoyed a massive junk food hangover the next day.

The being said one of the things that I’ve noticed in myself since the Open was my slow and steady decline into junk food hell. All the hype of getting extra nutrient dense foods for the competition had slowly faded into a more and more relaxed approach to my food. I started realizing it and have put a screeching pause to it and began to reform my diet.

Now, I’m not gonna lie. I eat bad foods from time to time still. But I also know that summer time approaches and that usually means stuff like running outside or pool parties or other things that mean my inevitable shirtlessness. So I’m making it a point not to fall too far back into the downward spiral.

I encourage  you all to do the same.

Join me not in a food challenge, but rather a change of heart towards your fitness. If you have been good about your diet, take it up a notch. There’s is always room for improvement. If you’re not sure on how to do that or have need of some council in the ways of getting your grub down right, why not set up a Personal Training appointment with a coach? Or better yet, talk to the expert Amy with a Nutrition Plus membership or full on Nutritional Coaching.

 Get the answers you need to get the results you want. Summer’s coming soon and with it, a ton of opportunity.

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