Monday 4/25

3 Rounds For time:
5 Muscle Up
9 Hang Power Clean @ 155/105
7 Push Jerk @ 155/105
50 Double Under

Now I’m not usually one to go on rants about different training programs, I typically like to stay in my lane and just keep doing what we’re doing really well. BUT, I’ve got a bone to pick with the opportunistic, ineffective, and in my eyes unethical business practices employed by the folks over at this facility (which is actually a chain of facilities)

Let’s talk about their program. It’s a 6 week program based on high volume cardio exercise and unsustainable caloric restriction. This system absolutely can lead to weight loss BUT what it ultimately creates is an extremely unhealthy cycle where people are forced to chase these habits and more importantly they likely think that these practices are the only way to lose weight and keep it off.

Here’s how they create that unhealthy cycle. Their entire philosophy is based on a 6 week challenge. All you have to do is “meet the challenge” and the whole 6 weeks is free. The issue I have with this is that, in order to “meet the challenge” there are a number of very specific things that you have to do: 

– attend a minimum number of classes or you pay $495
– change your Facebook picture to their approved photo or you pay $495
– check in on Facebook for every class you attend or you pay $495
– follow their meal plan or you pay $495
– lose at least 20lbs or you pay $495

This is a system created to make sure you don’t meet the requirements and will have to pay them a large sum of money. It’s a system designed to give them an “out” so that they can say you didn’t meet your obligation. Even if you are one of the lucky ones that complete their requirements and end up not paying for the first challenge, if you decide to go back through you’ll soon see that the severe caloric restriction and excessive cardio aren’t going to give you the weight loss you saw the first time around and you’ll be sucked into their trap for $495. 

When the challenge is over, you’re almost assured to gain the weight back. Trying to return to anything resembling normal eating is going to cause your body to hold on to whatever calories you are finally consuming and it’ll make things harder to lose again. This is the same type of system the Biggest Loser uses to such fanfare each season. The problem is you’ll rarely see a “where are they now” episode because the vast majority of Biggest Loser contestants regain much if not all of the weight they lost. This is because it’s not reasonable/necessary to expect people to do 4+ hours of cardio everyday while consuming fewer than 1200 calories. 

On an even more 10,000ft view, this system is designed to prey upon the hopeful expectations of people who assume they’ll be able to “meet the challenge” only to realize a week or two in that making it to workouts 5 days per week while completely overhauling your nutritional intake and Facebook posting constantly is not something they can keep up with. BOOM, $495!

Hey, believe me, if someone wants to pay us $495 for 6 weeks of training, we can talk, but we’ll still talk about creating lifelong changes that can be sustained and adjusted through the years to continue to create a healthy lifestyle. More importantly, I’m not going to sell a false bill of goods to trick people into thinking that 6 weeks is all it takes to change.

so that’s it, I’m off my soapbox. Real change is a process, it takes time and thoughtful behavior change. It doesn’t take place as part of a challenge and it certainly doesn’t take place if you’re tricked into paying for something you assumed you wouldn’t be.

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