Monday 4/18

Deadlift 7-7-7-7-7


Congratulations to all our CrossFit SAC athlete who completed in the Festivus competition on Saturday. The ladies who competed in the novice division, Jessica B, Cassie and Maggie swept the podium finishing in first, second and third place respectively. Looks like no more novice division ladies! Howard and Dave C also tested their mettle, with Howard PRing his thruster! 

While we do not consider ourselves to be a “competitive gym,” where we have a team training for regionals or are trying to make everyone into firebreathers, we do think it’s important to step out of one’s comfort zone through competition every once in a while. Whether it’s the Open, a local Throwdown,  or something unrelated to CrossFit, competition can often require you to push a little more than you might otherwise and help you discover you are capable of doing more than you thought possible. 

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