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I Only Look Like This Because I Have Good Genetics…

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And other very dumb things that are commonly said about me and other athletes on the internet…


I only look like this because I have crazy genetics.  It’s true.  Ask Instagram and they will tell you.  Actually, I lied.  It’s not my genes, it’s the ENORMOUS amounts of steroids that I take.  Yeah, I mean…they give them to all of the top athletes.  Didn’t you hear?

Look, I want to set the record straight. (Which will never happen, but I can type up my 2 cents anyway).

As I am trying to find my way in the “I love to train, but I also have a life and want to hopefully inspire other regular people who are not trying to compete at the highest level necessarily” phase of my career, I think it’s important for me to share some just straight up truth.  So, here we go:

5 Major Misconceptions from the Internet Machine:

Misconception #1 – I only look the way I have looked for the past 10 years because I have crazy genetics.

Truth – I have no idea if I have good genetics or if I don’t.  I would guess that there is SOMETHING in my genetic make up that allows me to get really lean with clean eating and training, maybe even more lean than most people.  But, I come from a family with 4 brothers and a sister, none of whom look like what I look like.  None of us have ever even really been athletes out of high school and recreational stuff.  I am pretty sure I outweigh 2 of my brothers and I have other siblings who have struggled with being overweight.  So, sorry.  I did not come out of the womb like this. 
Misconception #2 – Well, then it must be the steroids.

Truth – I am never going to break this one, and I know that.  But, I can tell you that it’s never happened. The people who have been in CrossFit for as long as I have could pretty clearly tell you how freaking scrawny I was when I started.  And I didn’t just wake up one morning bigger, stronger, and leaner.  It was super gradual, over the past 9 years.  It became slightly accelerated when I started training with the NorCal crew only because I hit the point of “adapt or die” and my body was just doing what it needed to do to survive Jason’s madness every day.

Misconception #3 – You know what it takes to qualify for the CrossFit Games.

Truth – I don’t mean to be condescending, but based on the conversations I have with people on a regular basis, I think it’s safe to say – you probably have NO idea what these people are doing day in and day out to be at that level.  Unless you are married to, or actually train with, someone who has made it to the Games or has come close – again – you actually couldn’t comprehend it even if I explained it to you.  This misunderstanding is exactly why misconception #1 and #2 even exist.  Time and time again when I was constantly being bombarded with steroid accusations I openly invited those accusing me to come and train with me for a week and see if they still wanted to make that claim.  Only caveat was that they had to participate – in everything.
Now more than ever before, becoming an actual qualifier to the CrossFit Games is a FULL TIME job.  Not only are the hours that these people are putting in similar to a full time job, but it is physically, emotionally, and psychologically exhausting.  Again, I couldn’t help you to understand even if I tried.  Just know it’s crazy and the dedication is something that should be admired just as much, if not more, than the outcome itself.

Misconception #4 – The more jacked you are – the fitter you are.

Truth – For some of you this one is a no brainer, but I think it is still a HUGE misconception in the fitness community as a whole.  This one has given me the most trouble since the beginning of this year’s Open. I look pretty similar to what I did at last year’s Games, so naturally people see (by looking at me physically) that I must be fully recovered and ready to crush.  Guess what – I don’t train the way I used to, and how I look isn’t going to help me on the leaderboard.
I can not tell you the number of times I have gotten smoked by the most unassuming ladies in competitions.  This might be one of those areas where genetics do play a little role.  People adapt to training the same, but also different in a lot of ways.  I like to think I trained my running A LOT….but I was still never a very good runner.  The girls who smoked me in comps trained just as hard as I did, but their bodies just didn’t respond in quite as obvious a way.  Either way – they completed more work, in less time than I did – and no one gave a shit about what we looked like while it happened.

Side note on this one – at the past two years of the Games while competing on Team NorCal, there was a huge worry from my teammates and coaches that I was TOO lean.  When it comes to a 5 day competition, if you show up super lean…you are pretty screwed and will be completely depleted after one day.  There was a lot of “babysitting Miranda” to make sure I ate enough.
Misconception #5 – You have to train like a Games athlete to be “fit” and to look good.  More is better.

Truth – There are 3 things you need to see amazing results from training (CrossFit or otherwise), and it’s not steroids, or more volume, or amazing genetics.  Here it is…

  1. You need intensity. You need to GO HARD in your workouts.  And you need to stop thinking that 45 min EMOMs and Chippers are the key to the goods.  You need to take off the weight vest, and stop adding weight until you start seeing times that would rival Regional level athletes.  Until then – go faster.
  2. You need to eat better.  I didn’t say less.  For many of you (women especially) it might even be more.  One thing you can bet is that Games athletes eat to perform.  You should do the same thing. You need to weigh and measure your food and have some sort of tracking system that works for you.  Use that information to tell you whether or not you are on the right track, then keep making tweaks until you get it right.
  3. This one is the most important…and you’re not going to like it…. YOU NEED TO BE CONSISTENT WITH 1 AND 2 FOR A LONG ASS TIME if you ever want results that actually stick.  I am no scientist, but it is my belief that you can change how your body responds to training and nutrition if you keep reprogramming it over and over again for years.  

The only proof I have of any of that is my own personal experience and what I have seen over and over again.  

Pre- CrossFit I wanted to a do an NPC “Fitness Competition” with the bikini and the whole 9 yards.  The only thing that made me somewhat reluctant is that I didn’t think it was “genetically possible” for me to get lean enough to compete.  True story.  When I did finally compete it was REALLY hard for me to lean down.  

Why?  I was 21 years old and have these crazy genes right?  Not until I added intensity into my training through CrossFit and was consistent with eating clean in the right proportions with very little deviation for a few years did I find that I didn’t really fluctuate and I could stay pretty lean year round.

Even now, because I am not training as much, I have had to re-configure what I am eating to work with my less active life.  But, even after 8 months of WAY less volume, I look pretty similar.  I personally don’t think I am as lean, but it’s not far off.

BE CONSISTENT.  Get after it.  Have fun. 

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