Friday 4/15

Five rounds for time:
Run 400 meters
30 Box jump @ 24/20
30 Wall ball shots @ 20/14

Get ready to see some new faces in the gym! 

Starting Sunday, we will run a Facebook ad campaign to promote the 6-week  “New You Challenge” we will be running starting May 2nd. 

Some quick information about the challenge:

  • This six week challenge is an introduction to the CrossFit training methodology. It is not CrossFit “lite” or a watered down version of what we typically do. Think of this as an extended intro course. 
  • This is for women only. 
  • Classes meet 3 days a week. Classes are offered on specific days at specific times. 
  • This is also a nutrition challenge. As many of you know, nutrition plays a huge part in feeling good and energized. Meal plans and shopping lists are included. 
  • Cost: $250 
  • Most importantly, this is not a Groupon. We are not looking to simply fill the gym with people, we are hoping to bring in people who are serious about developing and committing to a healthier lifestyle for the next six weeks. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a coach! 

We are excited about this challenge because we think it will help introduce CrossFit to people who might otherwise be too intimidated to try it or who may have never heard of CrossFit. If you have any female friends or family members who might be interested in giving this a try, please talk to a coach about how to get them started. 

We have specifically set up class times to have a minimal impact on our regular class schedule, so you can continue to expect the same great level of coaching! 

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