Wednesday 3/9

For Time:
45 Cal Row
15 Muscle up

We’ve tallied up the points and here are the results for the second week of the Open!

Top Male/ Female RX’d Scores
Kirill (Fire Breathing Cupcakes)
Kevin (Wodding Crashers)
Josh (DRON)

Briana (DRON)
Kelly M (Thruster Busters)
Amber (Wodding Crashers)

Top Male/ Female Scaled Scores
Phillip (Galactic Gainz)
Howard (Fire Breathing Cupcakes)
Anson (DRON)

Renee (Fire Breathing Cupcakes)
Hannah (Fire Breathing Cupcakes)
Angel (DRON)


                Angel (Clean)
                Kim B (T2B)

Galactic Gainz
                Nikki (First linked T2B)
                Kelly P (DU PR)

Thruster Busters
                John (DU PR)
                David S (DU PR)
                Jess G (T2B Linked)

                Alina (Clean PR)
                Luka (DU PR)

Team Spirit
So this week saw much more spirit from many of the teams. Galactic Gainz took their theme to the next level with some Star Wars inspired hairstyling and even dressed up a dog! They also produce one of the best Before/After posters we’ve ever seen.

Many of the Thruster Busters rocked a pretty epic 80’s theme on Saturday. Our only request is that David Sadoma keep wearing those pants to class even when the Open is over.

Fire Breathing Cupcakes has contributed to the papering of the front desk with cupcake wrappers and had a good showing of support for their athletes during the WOD. 

With that, we didn’t see one clear winner, so we spread the Team Spirit points around a bit. 

Remember, the whole idea of the Team Spirit category is to take some pressure off the performance side of the Open and have fun! 

Grand Total
Firebreathing Cupcakes: 15 pts + 4 + 2 +1 = 22
Galactic Gainz: 14 pts + 1 + 2 + 3 = 20
Thruster Busters: 14 pts + 1 + 3 + 1 = 19
DRON: 13 pts + 4 + 2 = 19
Wodding Crashers: 13 pts + 2 = 15

If we missed and PR’s please let us know! Now on to 16.3!


16.3 Bonus Point Challenge!!! (3 Points– all or nothing!)

Best Team Photo– Interpret this as you will!

Submissions (posted to the CrossFit SAC Facebook page) are due by Monday at 5pm

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