Friday 4/1

Spring Cleaning Time!

We are always striving to make the gym a better place to train and with that, we have realized that we are not utilizing our square footage to it’s best ability, which means rearranging equipment. So your WOD will be to apply your fitness and help us move some gear around. We might also be rearranging the pull up rigs but that will depend on how quickly the rest of the gear can get moved. 

We have most of the new floor plan set, so here is the schedule and order of operation just in case there is a specific piece of equipment you want to help move:

6 am: Moving all weights; barbell, plates, dumbbells, etc. and GHD to upper level. The GHDs will be moved up stairs for temporary storage.

9 am: Complete weight move. Start moving flooring to parking lot to clean sub-floor. (We may need someone to sit with the stall mats between the end of the 9 am and beginning of the noon so that they aren’t stolen).

Noon: Sub-floor should be dry by the noon class, return stall mats inside the gym.

4 – 7 pm: Replace equipment to designated areas. We have a pretty good idea of where we want everything to go, but may realize that while the floor plan looks good on paper, it doesn’t work in reality. So please be patient with us as we may ask certain objects to be moved around the gym.

Just like any other WOD, we can scale the load and intensity. If you want to make this more challenging, grab heavier equipment or try to see how many lighter weights you can move in short period of time. As always, when lifting objects we want to use good technique, and today is no different! Be safe and have fun!

If the equipment move is completed early, the WOD will be:

For time:
400m Stall matt Carry
1 Mile crab walk
40 Rope Climb

Don’t forget your long socks!

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