Thursday 3/31

2 Rounds Each for time:
700m Row
70 Step Walking Lunge
7 Power Clean @ 185/115
Rest as needed between rounds

Yesterday’s blog post highlighted the Team competition which was the focus for us this year. 

Today, we’re giving shout outs to the top 3 Men/Women individually in the gym in the overall ranking. 

Each of you has worked hard to get to the level of fitness you’ve achieved and you should be proud of how far you’ve come. Many of you are maintaining this fitness while working crazy hours, or having to keep up with school work, or both. Congrats!

Top 3 Women:
1- Briana
2- Kelly M
3- Carsen

Top 3 Men:
1- Calvin
2- Kevin
3- Dave E

Regardless of where you find yourself on the leaderboard, this year was a great year to participate in the Open. During the course of these 5 weeks we saw 52 PR’s – FIFTY TWO.

That is the power of the Open. It’s reaching for new heights; it’s caring just a little bit more than you do on your regular workouts; it’s striving just a little bit harder for that extra rep. Maybe it’s even staying up late at night dreading tomorrow’s workout, or watching youtube videos in a last ditch effort to glean all the information you can prior to your attempt. 

In the end, be proud of your effort, and listen to the wise words of Austin Malleolo in the video below. 

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