Friday 3/25

Open WOD 16.5


Gymnastics Total
3 Attempts for max reps of:
Max Reps Strict MU
Max Reps HSPU
Max L-Sit Hold

***If you are planning on doing the Open WOD during class time, please coordinate with your teammates or other gym members to secure yourself a judge*** 


Have you ever completed something you were really proud of? Maybe you poured your time and energy into a project for school/work or pushed yourself harder on a WOD than you thought possible only to find someone else do better than you? It stings, right? And it’s okay to feel that pang of disappointment, but don’t let that disappointment downplay your effort and that feeling of accomplishment. 

I’ve been guilty of this myself. It’s hard to resist the lure of the whiteboard to compare your times or weights with others. And a healthy dose of competition helps to keep us from getting complacent in our training. But when that comparison is internalized and becomes a reflection of your worth, that’s when things have gone too far. 

Show up and try hard! If you start placing your focus on what you are doing, and doing with the most intention great things will start happening. You will actually get better at what you are doing, and, more importantly, you will be driven by being the best version of you, not just trying to be better than someone else. 

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