Monday 3/21

For Time:

Hang Power Snatch 95/65
*If barbell comes down before set complete, do 3 Burpee


The end is in sight!

The 2016 CrossFit Open is has almost come to a close. With just one more workout to do it’s time to remind all of you that it’s our tradition to finish off the Open with a BBQ potluck that celebrates not just the end of another Open season but also another year in business for CrossFit SAC.

This year marks our 6 year anniversary since we opened as a 1500 sq/ft CrossFit gym with zero clients and a lot of hope. Now, all these years later we get to celebrate another Open season, this year with 79 participants from our little gym. 

For the BBQ potluck we’ll be supplying the grill and the plates/utensils. We ask that our teams band together to provide the eats. It doesn’t need to be super healthy (though it can) it just needs to be tasty. 

Cooking will get started once people start wrapping up the workout, and we’ll hang out as long as people want to. 

All are welcome, whether you signed up for the Open or not, we hope to see you on Saturday!

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