10 Min AMRAP

7 Strict Pull-Up
15 KB Swings @53/35
30ft Burpee Broad Jump

16.3 Results

Top Male Rx’d
Josh (DRON) 92
Kirill (FBC) 89
Kevin (Wodding Crashers) 85

Top Female Rx’d
Kelly (Thruster Busters) 88
Briana (DRON) 76
Cheryl (Galactic Gainz)  57

Top Male Scaled
Anson (DRON) 117
Dave C (Wodding Crashers) 105
Phillip (Galactic Gainz) 96

Top Female Scaled
Victoria (FBC) 126
Nikki (Galactic Gainz) 121
Renee (FBC) 117


First Jumping C2B


Galactic Gainz
First bar Muscle Up
First Jumping C2B

Wodding Crashers
First Bar Muscle Up
Kelly C

Fire Breagthing Cupcakes
First Bar Muscle Up
Peter Fuller

The winner for the team picture was decided by unbiased third party voting that took place outside of the gym. While DRon and Fire Breathing Cupcakes both received some consideration Galactic Gainz won the majority of the votes and the 3 team points that come with it. 

Team Totals:
Galactic Gainz- 14 submissions + 3(Top3 scores) 5(PR’s) + 3 (picture) + 5(Team Spirit) = 30
Fire Breathing Cupcakes- 14 submissions + 3 (Top 3 scores) + 3(PR’s) = 20
DRon – 12 submission + 3 (Top 3 scores) + 1(PR’s) = 16
Thruster Busters- 14 submissions + 1 (Top 3) = 15
Wodding Crashers- 10 submissions + 2(Top 3 scores) + 2(PR’s) = 14

16.4 Bonus Challenge!!! (3 Points – all or nothing!)
We’re looking forward to having Saturday be a fun day at CrossFit SAC, teams get ready to bring some fun to your weekend.
Best team costumes – this means the more people you have show up AND the more enthusiastically they own their outfit the better chance you have of winning.

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