Monday 3/14

5 Rounds For Time:

15 Wall Ball @20/14
15 Push Up
30 Double Under

Three weeks down with only two to go!

This week’s workout led to a large number of PR’s again! We saw some athletes get their first Jumping c2b pull ups and many people even got their first Bar Muscle Up. As always, these improvements serve to highlight the reason your coaches urged you so strongly to sign up.

And make no mistake, the simple act of signing up for the Open is a powerful thing. It’s putting your chips on the table and anteing up. There’s a big difference between full participation and only doing the workouts when they happen. 

When you sign up you’re effectively saying that you care about your fitness enough to really put an effort into every single week’s offering. I’ve heard some of you tell me you’ve been up late at night watching videos and going through movements in your head. That’s what this time is all about!

Many of you might notice that you’re effort level is a bit higher during this time of year and that’s something that you might be able to take with you into future workouts.

Wether RX or scaled the thing that matters most is your own individual effort. That’s what we’ve always celebrated and will continue to in the future. It’s that effort that breeds progress and progress is, in the end, what we’re all after everyday we set foot inside the walls of our little gym. 

So if you signed up for the Open this year, good on ya’. I hope you’re enjoying yourself and are noticing some personal growth. If not, that’s OK too, we still love you, but we’ll certainly encourage you to throw your hat in the ring next year when the opportunity presents itself. 

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