Wednesday 3/2

Front Squat


We’ve tallied up the points and here are the results for the first week of the Open!

Athletes performed and submitted their score:

Each team had 14 members perform the workout and submit their score. 

Top Male/ Female RX’d Scores
1-Kevin (Wodding Crashers)
2-Kirill (Fire Breathing Cupcakes)
3-Chad (Galactic Gainz)

1-Kelly M (Thruster Busters)
2-Briana (DRON)
3-Carsen (DRON)

Top Male/ Female Scaled Scores
1-Howard (Fire Breathing Cupcakes)
2-Dave C (Wodding Crashers)
3-Anson (DRON)

1-Wendy (Thruster Busters)
2-Jen K (Thruster Busters)
3-Alina (Fire Breathing Cupcakes)

Cassie (First pull up, C2B pull-up)
Lesley (First pull up, C2B pull-up)
Jeanette (First C2B pull-up)
Jess G (First C2B pull-up)
Angel (First C2B pull-up)
Nikki (First C2B pull-up)
Cale (First pull-up)
Jean (First weighted lunge)

Team Spirit
Galactic Gainz

Galactic Gainz: 14 pts + 1(top 3 scores) + 3(pr’s) + 5(team spirit) = 23
Thruster Busters: 14 pts + 3(top 3 scores) + 4(pr’s) = 21
DRON: 14 pts + 3(top 3 scores) + 3(pr’s) = 20
Firebreathing Cupcakes: 14 pts + 3(top 3 scores) + 1(pr’s) =18
Wodding Crashers: 14 pts + 2(top 3 scores) = 16

So after the first week of competition Galactic Gainz holds a narrow lead fir first place. If you think we missed a PR or added something wrong let us know. 

Let the smack talk begin!

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