Thursday 3/3

4 Rounds for time:

8 Toes to Bar
12 DB Snatch @45/30
24 Double Unders

16.2 Drops tonight! What’s it going to be?

Hey guys, it’s Calvin here.

Just like some previous blogs that we’ve written, id like to give a big shout out to all the folks you have participated in the open so far. A lot of you guys found out some new information about yourselves during this first Open Wod. Some of you did things you’ve never done before and truly my hat is off to you. For some of you it was your very first taste of the energy that arises during the open. Now you all can see just why we encourage people to sign up. ( and yes, this is an ” I told you so” moment) 🙂

But honestly, there is no boogie man. Dave Castro isn’t hiding under your bed waiting choke you out with a jump rope. These are just great workouts that are masterfully crafted to push the limits of your fitness. And so far everyone has seemed to benefit from it. During this last week we had a number of questions regarding preparation of the next open WOD. Obviously, we can’t be 100% ready without knowing what the movements will be. But, there are things you could be doing leading up to the events themselves that should make the challenges more accessible.


  • Get some freaking sleep. I know it’s like Christmas time right now and we wanna catch Santa in the act and all, but if you aren’t sleeping, you’re not recovering. So put down your phone.
  • Fuel yourself up with good food. I know, broken record. We’ve all made the decision to make poor nutritional choices before a WOD. We know how much it hurts and slows us down. Use some of that inner strength and will power and reserve those cheat meals till after you’ve got you score in. Eat that chicken and veggies plate night before the workout and eat the Taco Bell another time. Dang it, now I want Taco Bell.
  • Stretch out. OK, so here’s the deal. Flexibility is going to help you get those range of motion standards easier. But don’t wait until the last minute to find that range. New range is often weaker so it’s important to be mobilizing throughout the week leading up to your workouts not just a ton of stretching 15 mins before it. Make sure your body is familiar with those ranges and motions so that when your asked to work inside of them, you’ve got it covered.
  • Don’t worry. Be happy. This is, after all, supposed to be a good time. Yes your scores are important. Yes you should work hard for yourself and your team. But be happy. This is play time too. Don’t miss out on all the crazy, wild joy of the season by being too serious. 

Now let’s cross our fingers and wish super hard about what 16.2 is gonna be.

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