Monday 2/8

2 rounds for time of:
50 L pull-ups
50 AbMat sit-ups

When I was a kid my friends mom had a saying. Whenever Greg (her son) and I used to be too scared to do something like ride a rollor coaster or eat a new food, she would say:” There’s no reason to be afraid. Fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real.” That, fear was just an illusion that kept us from enjoy the better things in life. And over the years it really stuck with me and even helped me accomplish or at least try things i never had.

I’ve noticed a good number of folks in the gym looking at some false evidence recently. I know that some of you are scared, maybe even down right terrified, of the Crossfit Open and are really struggling to decide if you are going to participate. I want you to think back to some of your greatest achievements in life and remember how nervous you were before you took on the challenge. Unsure, pensive, and scared. Then you got to realize that feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction when you got what you wanted or did what you set out to do.

But you didn’t know if it was going to work did you? There was a chance it wouldn’t work or that you might fail.

But instead of not trying, you pushed forward and made your life better and yourself better by going for it! If you had never tried you would have failed automatically right?

So consider that which we say in class all the time.

You wont know if you can until you try. You might just end up missing out on something amazing.  

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