Friday 2/26

Open WOD 16.1
16.1 skill practice
and then
EMOM for 10 Minutes
30 Double unders
3 Strict T2B


Amy here,

The 2016 Open has officially started! I wanted to take a moment to congratulate everyone who registered to compete this year (you have until 5 pm Monday to register). My hat is off to those of you who are participating for the first time, because I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve been thrown into the deep end of the pool and you have no idea what to expect. But I also must commend those of you who have registered in previous Opens because you know what’s in that deep end of the pool. 

Regardless of your level of CrossFit experience or your physical ability, it is important to remember that the Open exists to test your limits and push you a little more than you are used to. It is not, even with a scaled division, there to be easy or allow you rack up a bunch of reps. There is a definite possibility that you will face a movement in the Open that will bring your WOD to a grinding halt. There maybe a WOD where you are only able to perform one rep. I have experience both of those scenarios and it’s okay! This doesn’t mean that you didn’t try hard enough, or that you aren’t getting fit, it just means that you have areas in your fitness that have room for improvement. These areas might be several years in the making.

The important thing to focus on is what you can do, the movements you can perform even if it’s one rep at a time. Focus on what you can control– your attitude and your effort. As long as you go into each workout knowing that you are going to RX your attitude and effort, it doesn’t matter what your score is or how well you rank. 


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