Thursday 2/18

4 Rounds each for time:
10/8 Cal Row
30 Double Under
10 Toe 2 Bar
10 Chest 2 Bar Pull Up

Rest as needed

Yeah hey there, it’s a me! Mario!

No not Mario, just Calvin. So, here I go again to talk about the Open. Yes I know, you’ve already heard the talk.

You’ve already decided you’re not good enough for the global competition that is the open. You’re not making it to Regionals and Froning isn’t even going to be there for you to de-throne him.

So why even bother doing it at all?

Well, I’m glad I asked. Let me pose this question to you : Have you ever been tremendously bad at something and still had a great time? Karaoke? Mini golf? Trivia night? Any of those sound familiar? 

At the top of my list is Pool. I can’t play that game to save my life. But I’ll play it all day long because its freakin fun! I don’t know the right angles on the table. I can’t shoot a straight line even if you let me use my hands and my “English” looks more like Pig Latin.

It honestly does not matter though. Every time I play I get to hang out with others and have a great time. And everybody is way better than me and I look like I’ve never even seen a cue before but it’s amazing.

It’s just fun.

That’s how I feel some of you might need to look at the open this year. Maybe you won’t be the guy or gal that calls the 8 ball shot or hops the 6 over the 3 ball but you can still have a great time and hang out with your friends.

I wish I could express to you how much I want you guys to have fun with this. You guys know me, I’m all about fun. I just want others to be able to do the same. Anyway, still plenty of time to sign up… See you soon.

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