Tuesday 2/16

3 Rounds for time:

400m run
12 Deadlift 155/105
9 Hang Power Clean
6 Push Jerk

I’ve spoken to a few people lately who expressed concern about signing up for the Open and being put on a team because they “didn’t want to let their team down” through their low score. This seems to be a common sentiment from people who don’t read the blog/only get their info through the grapevine of the gym.

As a reminder about how teammates earn points for their respective teams I’m reposting below the system we’re using to tabulate. The entire goal here is to increase camaraderie and team spirit by encouraging people to participate and cheer each other on. The point system is designed to do that by rewarding team spirit and participation in the workouts.

  • 1 point per athlete for completing the Open WOD and submitting their score on time.
  • 1 point per athlete in the Top 3 (Male/Female) within the gym in either the Rx’d/Scaled division.
  • 1 point per athlete who PR’s. This PR is based on either the results of a repeated Open WOD or an Open WOD that includes an element that could result in an easily defined PR. Examples: A new weightlifting PR as a result of an Open WOD like 15.1b or 11.3.  Or achieving a first time double under, pull up, T2B, etc. 
  • 5 points per team for team spirit. Get creative! Choose team colors, make signs, come up with a team anthem. Each week Dave, Amy and Calvin (who will not be on a team) will award points to the team with the most spirit.
  • End of the Open Bonus! One point will be awarded for each team member who completes and submits a score for all Open workouts.

Please note that only 1 is a performance metric based on the rest of the gym’s athletes. Even the 1 point for a PR is based only on your previous abilities and your effort on the day of the Open workout. 

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