Wednesday 2/3

For time:
75 Overhead Squat @ 95/65
75 Pull Up

If you’re a CrossFitter you may have noticed the post below floating around your social media circles. The gist of it is that Progenex is not some “super special secret sauce” and in fact is basically in line with many supposedly inferior protein supplements.

I’m of two minds when it comes to information like this.

1- I don’t care. We’ve never peddled supplements to our members because we believe firmly that supplements are not the answer when it comes to creating a healthy lifestyle. They are meant to fill the roll their title implies. Meaning, they are meant to supplement a healthy lifestyle and add a small bit of value to already good nutritional choices. 

2- This sucks. I’m aware that it’s human nature to look for quick-fixes and shortcuts and a large part of Progenex’s marketing is designed to give the impression, either implicitly or explicitly that Progenex does indeed have the shortcut. No one does.

There are not shortcuts to health. 

There are only hard choices and hard work and consistency. Anyone who says otherwise is selling something. 

Regardless, if you’re currently taking Progenex and you want to continue, be my guest. If you’re looking for something to supplement your already solid diet any of your coaches are happy to answer questions and give insight. 

From wild / STRONG

Your coach is wrong; Progenex sucks

January 29, 2016

“The Progenex orders go out next week so get your order on the whiteboard!”

“The Progenex orders have arrived! Bring your money and pick up at the box!”

Sentences like these are very common on any CrossFit gym’s website or social media accounts. If you have stepped inside a CrossFit gym even once, you are probably familiar with the supplement company’s logo. Athletes from the Games, all the way down to the CrossFit Newb, rock the hats, shirts and consume large quantities of various powders produced by the company and marketed almost solely to CrossFitters – under creative names like “Cocoon” and “More Muscle.”

I tried Progenex for the first time in my life last night. Full disclosure, I would never in a million years give a cent of my money to this company. Someone left some at my house so I tried it. Nothing special. For the price tag on it, I expected to wake up with an immediate 10lb gain in muscle.

It seems however, that I am in the minority – whenever I have voiced my opinion (actually it’s not an opinion, it’s something called “science”) that Progenex is a horribly overpriced supplement that at best offers nothing different, and at worst is far inferior to a number of other companies – I usually receive an eye-roll or someone saying, “I like the taste” or some other piece of anecdotal evidence as to why they spend $70 on $30 worth of product. Nobody just comes out and says, “I am a simple-minded fool who would rather buy a product because it was marketed to me effectively and I’ll pay for it because I don’t like doing things like research,” or, “The logo is really cool and my favorite CrossFitter says he uses it, because Progenex pays him to say that, so I want to use it too.”

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