Thursday 12/8

15 Min AMRAP:
35 Double Under
25 Walking lunge
15 GHD Sit up

Hey Guys! It’s me Calvin here. This is a crazy fun time of year. In the next few weeks there will be, for each of us, a good amount of running around, traveling from place to place with all kinds of stuff to do. We’ll be double checking lists and making sure that all our holiday festivities are purchased and set. We might even need to psych ourselves up for some incoming family interactions. With all this stuff going on, don’t you think you deserve a reward?

Well, look no further! We at Crossfit SAC have seen all the hard work you’ve been putting in this year. We know that with all the people that depend on you that you still some how manage to get it all done in a day and even make time to hang out and get fit with us. So, in just a few short days we will be hosting our 3rd Annual Winter Formal! A chance for you to relax, socialize and par-tay with all your friends. Here are 5 good reasons to come to our shindig.

#5 Getting the treatment: We would like to wine and dine you for the evening. You will be treated to refreshments both food and drink as well as a bit of the ol’ sauce if that’s what you’re into. Plus we’ll have games, music, dancing and good old fashion one on one time to just chat it up with folks. ( instead of at the white board) 🙂

#4 Fancy-dancy getups: Time to get out the super sharp threads people! Dresses, suits, jewelry, all of it. Have you been waiting to wear something Italian? Well put it on! Also finally have a first hand look at your fellow members in real people cloths and NOT brightly colored pajamas.

#3 No Pressure: Just show up. That’s it. We’ll have lot’s of fun things to do but ultimately, you get to decide what you feel like doing. How cool is that?

#2 Free stuff! : Show up and get playable money for games. Win games and get more money. Use money forour auction and get sweet prizes! All free!

#1 It’s an Enchanted Underwater Party: I shouldn’t even have to explain this one. Underwater party! So hype!

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