Monday 12/12

10×2 Sumo Deadlift against bands

3×12 Front Banded Good Morning

5×10 Heavy Double KB Swing

5×60 Sec Tuck Hold

Another Winter Formal is officially in the books! If you missed this year’s festivities you missed out for sure.

As always, many people lent a helping hand in getting this thing going, but the majority of the “heavy lifting” planning wise came from the Party Planning Committee of Amy, Lesley, Nikki, Sam and Ashley.  I think we can all agree that they did a great job this year.

Special thanks also goes out to Monique and Katy M for their assistance. Additionally, we had some great help from a bunch of folks on Sunday morning who all pitched in to help us tear down and throw away  all the decorations that were so lovingly set up. 

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