Friday 11/4

“Nasty Girls”
3 Rounds for time:

50 Squat
7 Muscle Up
10 Hang Power Clean @ 135/95

For many of us who have been around CrossFit for a while, the video below was one of the first things we saw relating to this crazy exercise routine. What I loved about it then, and love even more about it now as the father of a daughter, is the ability of the women shown here. 

These women can squat fast sure, but they’re also busting out strict muscle-ups like it’s their job and handling the barbell as well. They show that women can be strong, capable and yes even have muscle and that that’s OK!

The three women here have been either direct or indirect inspirations to so many people that have decided to give CrossFit a try. Whether you know it or not ladies, there’s a good chance that if we were to trace it back to how you started, which friend recommended you test us out, this video would be somewhere along that trail.

So enjoy watching the video below if you’ve never seen it. If you have, try to remember what the fitness landscape was like in the world of ~2006 because that’s about when we can trace this back to.

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