Wednesday 10/5

Hang Power Clean
3 Hang Power Clean @65% of 1RM
3 Burpee

Strength is clearly important on a day like today. We’ll be moving a maximal load so of course, it’s a factor.

BUT, don’t discount the importance of flexibility!

Flexibility is how we express our strength. It’s what allows us to put our bodies in mechanically advantageous positions in order to get the most out of the strength we have.

Check out the video below. As many of you know Dmitri Klokov is a VERY strong human. As is evidenced by the video he is also very flexible. 

Keep that in mind as the weight gets heavier today. It may not be a strength issue that’s holding you back, it might be a lack of flexibility.

For example – if you have a tendency to land really wide, it might be your ankle flexibility that’s the culprit. If you tend to catch the bar with your hips forward, you might have a hard time getting your elbows around because your shoulders are tight. 

Food for thought.

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