Monday 10/3

For Time:

200 Double Under
50 Toes to Bar
800m Run
40 Push Jerk 135/95

Let’s talk about perspective.

Every day you set foot in the gym you have taken the first step towards making the best of the day. Step two could be giving your all in the workout. BUT, between steps one and two I might argue that there is a crucial piece of the puzzle that’s going to help you get the most out of the workout, and anything else you undergo for that matter.

It’s about your perspective. 

Specifically, what’s your mindset heading into the workout? Take a second to think about what sort of frame of mind you head into class with. 

Is it A –  “this is going to be hard, but I know if I do X, Y and Z it’ll help me get through the day”?

OR, is it B –  “this is going to be hard, I hate X, Y is the worst and Z makes my eyes bleed”?

If you’re setting yourself up with option A then you have a positive mental outlook and you’ll find that likely your experience during the workout will be a better one. Regardless of whether the workout in question has things you consider yourself “good” or “bad” at, controlling that negative voice in your head will make them easier.

If on the other hand, you show up with option B in your mind, then it almost doesn’t matter what your actual capacity is for the day’s workout, you’re not going to be able to give your all. I know this because I see it all the time. People who are PHYSICALLY capable of doing more but who talk themselves out of doing those last 5 reps or running that extra bit harder because they’ve convinced themselves that they can’t. Don’t let this be you!

Today is a great example of a workout that it’s easy to let yourself get down before you even start the warm up. How many of you read the post and saw 200 Double Under and thought something less than positive? The fact of the matter is that if you can control just a bit of that negative self-talk and change your perspective for days like today, it will pay off in spades in the long run.

Try it today and see. Give yourself some sort of measurable work to do that allows you to get through the day, or simply stay aware of any negative thoughts that start to creep in. Even awareness can start to silence that negative voice and help you change that perspective. 

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