Tuesday 10/11

15 Min AMRAP:

7 Thruster @ 115/75
2 Rope Climb (1 legless, 1 traditional)
200 Run


Hey guys, it’s Calvin here. I was sitting back the other day and I was hanging out with one of my longest acquaintances here at the gym. Mr. Mike D. I remember the first time that I met Mike. It was maybe my second day here at the gym. And maybe my fifth day ever doing what I would consider real CrossFit. And I remember that even when I didn’t know a single face in the crowd I saw one face at the far end of the pack with a big smile on it connected to a hulking bear of a man, start walking toward me. He put a hand out and said hi I’m Mike, welcome to the gym. From day one of me meeting Mike we have always had a certain understanding that we don’t take life too super seriously. But always do we take our work here and our friendship very much so. If you have been here at the gym for more than a few years, you may remember when Mike looked a little different. He was not always the leaned out that you see today. And it has taken him a good number of years, a couple of lessons, and a whole lot of determination to go from where he was then to where he is now. I’m very proud of my friend because he has made such a difference in his outlook and his work ethic and his results. But no matter what he’s still the same fun-loving and big-hearted Mike that I met years ago.

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