Saturday 1/9

For time: 100 Line Hop 60 Kb Swing @ 53/35 60 Step Overhead Walking Lunge @ 45/25 Rest 3 Min
50 Line Hop
30 Kb Swing
30 Step Overhead Walking Lunge


Let’s talk about the power of perspective. There have been times that I’ve been accused of being annoyingly positive when people have expressed their concerns or struggles to me. The way I’ve always looked at it is that it can only help to have a positive outlook on things – likewise, it can only hurt to have a negative outlook on things. 

Your perspective on what’s happening is really what it all comes down to. You can choose how you respond to both the good and bad that comes down the road. 

Take a look at the picture below and see if there might be some helpful ways in which you can re-phrase some of the things you’ve got bouncing around in your head to help you out when you’re struggling. 

In the end, we’re all going to face hardships and difficulties, but how you deal with them and how you overcome them is what builds and reveals your character. Here’s to us all working on being better!

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