Tuesday 2/2

Bench Press


Max rep at 135/95 or 60% of 5 rep


Let’s talk about the CrossFit Open. Yes, yes, yes, I know we have already talked about it a ton already, but this year is going to be different! We are going to run an Intramural Open.

The Open roster will be divided into 5 teams. Each team will have a captain, who will choose a team name and help keep their team motivated. Teams will be chosen at random on Feb. 18th, a week before the first WOD announcment. Each week, athletes have the opportunity to earn points for their team (see below). The point system has less to do with how well you perform and instead emphasizes participation and attitude.

The opportunity to earn points each week:

  • 1 point per athlete for completing the Open WOD and submitting their score on time.
  • 1 point per athlete in the Top 3 (Male/Female) within the gym in either the Rx’d/Scaled division.
  • 1 point per athlete who PR’s. This PR is based on either the results of a repeated Open WOD or an Open WOD that includes an element that could result in an easily defined PR. Examples: A new weightlifting PR as a result of an Open WOD like 15.1b or 11.3.  Or achieving a first time double under, pull up, T2B, etc. 
  • 5 points per team for team spirit. Get creative! Choose team colors, make signs, come up with a team anthem. Each week Dave, Amy and Calvin (who will not be on a team) will award points to the team with the most spirit.
  • End of the Open Bonus! One point will be awarded for each team member who completes and submits a score for all Open workouts.

While everyone is encouraged to participate in the Open, only registered athletes can contribute points to a team.

This will not change the way in which we will run the Open. But we hope that this helps to put the focus of the Open where it should be, on trying hard and being part of the community.

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