Wednesday 1/6

4 Rounds for time:
30 Sumo Deadlift High Pull @ 53/35
30 Double Under
15 Chest 2 Bar Pull Up
Rest 2 Minutes between rounds

Well, for those of you who don’t know, in December we put out a challenge to our members. If they could check in at least 250 times during the month we (the coaches) would perform one burpee for each check in. 

At the time, 250 seemed like a lot. We had been using Sweat Angels for a few months and had been around the 90-130 check in mark each month prior. So I personally felt pretty secure in the fact that I wouldn’t have any burpees to do for this.

Once again, I was wrong. 250 was not hard for you all to get to and in fact you crushed that number, finishing December with a whopping 401 check-ins. 

As a result, the three of us were on the hook for more than a few burpees. The video above should serve as evidence that indeed the debt has been paid and the burpees have been done. All four hundred and one of them. 

Don’t let this stop now though! Even though December is over, you’ve all learned how easy it is to check in and give back. Last month’s donations went to pediatric cancer victims, this months check ins send coats to those in need. 

So keep checking in, keep helping your CrossFit SAC community give back and keep making a difference out there. 

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