Saturday 1/30

For time:
30 Snatch @ 135/95


Along with the changes to our pricing, which go active on Monday, we’re also happy to announce that we’ll be increasing the personal training offerings to our members.

Many of you have skills you’re looking to develop or new things you’d like to master, and we want to be able to help you with that! Starting Feb 1 our three Head Coaches, Dave, Amy and Calvin, will all be offering personal training sessions of either a half hour or full hour.

Additionally, we will be offering personalized skill development/supplemental programming.

Have you wanted to stick around for Open gym after class, but aren’t quite sure the best way to work on your weakness? Are you looking for a way to change up your Open gym work to make it more productive? Then this option is for you!

As always, our goal is to find the best way to offer the best service to all of our athletes so that each of you can be as productive and successful as possible. Our hope is that these offerings will help many of you to progress even faster than you are now.

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