Monday 12/21

For Time:

75 Cal Row
60 DB Snatch @45/30
50 Wallball @20/14

From Calvin

Nothing makes a coach more happy or proud than when we see success and progress with our members. It’s a conformation of their hard work and dedication. It also helps us affirm the coaches ability to help. Recently we the coaches have had the pleasure of watching a number of first times, red numbers and new beginnings with all of you.

You might be a brand new member that had their first heavy day and maybe realized you were way stronger than you thought. You may have just joined us for Fight Gone Bad and got a 30 rep PR. Or maybe you were a coach and thought to yourself how cool it was that so many people wanted to / could rope climb that they had to take turns using the ropes. (which is awesome).

All of these things are events that show the the power of our community our programing and our athletes. I know it might sound like just another kind thing for us to say but keep up the good work guys and gals. You are literally the reason we come to work and nothing makes that more worth while than to see everyone doing so well and working so hard.

Thanks guys.

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